Hip-Hop Halloween

Above: Jamal "Gravy" Woodard as Precious

Above: Soulja Boy as J.J.

Above: Kanye West as Fred Sanford

Above: Questlove as Kunta Kinte

Above: Asher Roth as Golan

Above: Fabolous as Prince Akeem of Coming To America

Above: Jay-Z as Jon Bon Hovi

Above: Diddy as Conway Ditty

Above: Rick Ross as Rerun of What's Happening

Above: Jermaine Dupri as Lou Rawls

Above: Ludacris as Lionel Richie

Above: Lil Bow Wow as Emmanuel Lewis of Webster

Above: Trick Daddy as Chewbacca

Above: Usher as Sammy Davis Jr.

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