Night School: DJ Red Alert

A few years ago, a young woman said to me that she appreciates when I DJ because my transitions are seamless. I pretty much owe my style of mixing to one DJ, Red Alert. I remember being a 15 year old kid hanging out at the Latin Quarters night club in Manhattan, where Red was a resident DJ. While other partied, I was in the DJ booth looking over his shoulders, studying how his song selection affected the mood of party goers.


Last night, at Sutra Lounge, located in Manhattan's lower east side, I found myself reliving those moments. After DJ Jun's killer reggae set, Red took control of the wheels and the first song he played was Eric B & Rakim's Don't Sweat The Technique. Hmmm, was he trying to tell me something? Absolutely. He was letting me and any other DJ in attendance know that night school was in session, and he was still the teacher.


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