How do you measure success?

I just returned home from a brief business trip to France. During the flight from Paris, I spent half of the time trying to determine if I was successful or not. I wondered if it all ended today did I live a productive life?

Just before landing at Newark Airport, I reached the conclusion that I have so much to be grateful for and so much more living to do. I have children to teach, people to inspire, causes to bring awareness to, and believe it or not, many places I would love to visit.

So, am I successful? Absolutely. But, the definition of success is subjective. I've never defined success solely by how much income I've generated. It factors in but it's not the only indicator.

From having a lemonade stand on the corner of 118th Street & 7th Ave in Harlem at the age of 12, to starting a web development company called United Camps, I've always earned a living doing what I was passionate about. Passion produces payment.

I believe that in order to achieve real success, you must first find a career that makes you happy. Financial gain will eventually be the by-product of spending countless hours building a business doing what you love.

Don't waste another minute of your life doing a job that provides no self-fulfillment. Find your passion and start living.

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